Custom Wood & Glass Table Top Items

Find graceful accents with Southern charm for your kitchen or dining room. Each of the custom wood, marble and concrete table top items brings its own character and flavor to the room, making an elegant statement without being distracting. With over 20 years of experience in crafting distinctive household items, Avery Thomas showcases a wide selection of beautiful pieces to complete any home.

Carefully crafted by hand from wrought iron, stone, marble and concrete, each piece is both simple and sophisticated, bringing an air of classic grace as well as chic modernity. You can find any accent that you need for your kitchen or dining room, including subtle complements like towel holders, wall racks, consoles, napkin holders and pastry servers, or larger items like a Lazy Susan or table top.

Showcase true Southern elegance in your home with accents and furnishings handmade in Birmingham. Find your favorite piece or find a special item to complete your kitchen or dining set, or order a custom piece today from Avery Thomas today.