Avery Thomas builds a wide array of home décor with classic elegance and timeless character. Formerly Griffin Creek Home, Avery Thomas specializes in custom wood, marble and concrete table tops for sale, as well as other home furnishings and accents such as consoles to elevate your home’s distinguished appeal. With subtle artistic design and polished, high-quality materials, you will enjoy these elegant accents in your home for a lifetime.

All items are carefully handcrafted in Birmingham using artfully designed metals, stone, marble, concrete, wood and other materials. Each piece displays simplicity and sophistication to complement and elevate any décor. Choose from a wide range of pieces to accent your home, including tables and trivets, Lazy Susans or smaller pieces like candle holders, napkin holders, cake platters, baskets and more.

Find a piece for any room in your home and change or renovate the décor at your leisure. Recreate old Southern style or showcase a meeting of old and new with chic, classic elegance. Better yet, you can have Avery Thomas fabricate a custom piece that suits your style and home décor.

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